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(Solved): 3. Forms of Communication in Organizations You will often have multiple ways to communicate a messag ...

3. Forms of Communication in Organizations You will often have multiple ways to communicate a message to another person. Your choice of a communication channel should consider the amount of detail and context the message requires. The richness of a communication channel is determined, in part, by the ability to facilitate rapid, two-way feedback. This means that an instant message will be richer thanan e-mail , because: You are getting many types of information, not just one You can respond immediately to what the person is saying You know that the person’s message is intended directly for you Your boss has asked you to take over the coordination of the company’s monthly potluck. The next potluck is scheduled later this week. How should you remind participants to bring a dish to the potluck? This is a message, so you should: Leave a message on each participant’s answering machine Send a mass e-mail to all participants Imagine you are the division manager. You have several teams which report to you. One of the teams is tasked with new product development which requires a high level of communication and interaction. Which network type should you choose for the communication structure of this team? Y Circle Wheel All channel Imagine that you are in the following situations, and use your knowledge of nonverbal behavior to identify what message the executive assistant is conveying. When you visit your executive assistant to request important changes to an Excel spreadsheet, he is hard at work, e-mailing clients. The moment you arrive, however, he stops typing, turns to face you, and looks you in the eye. What message is the executive assistant expressing nonverbally? He anticipates your departure. He values your time. He is uninterested in what you have to say.

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