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(Solved): After a long academic semester at the University of Ghana, Okatakyie Aduhene decided to pay a visit ...

After a long academic semester at the University of Ghana, Okatakyie Aduhene decided to pay a visit to his mom in a little village called Domeabra in the Amansie Central District with Jacobu as the capital in the Ashanti region. After four-hours drive from Accra through Mankessim till Obuasi, the journey was reduced to 45 minutes more before reaching his destination. Beaming with smiles and thinking of how far he has come, Okatakyie Aduhene stopped at Tweapease, one of the largest towns in the Amansie Central District to buy bread for some relatives. Between Tweapease and Domeabra is just 30 minutes drive through a dusty road which the Member of Parliament, Hon. Emmanuel Akwasi Gyamfi has been promising of asphalting over the past 20 years as a member of parliament for the district. Okatakyie Aduhene took off from Tweapease and got to Mile 15 a town before his village. Between Mile 15 and Domeabra is just 6 minute’s drive on a good day. After reaching Addaimu which divides the journey between Domeabra and Mile 15 into two halves, the road from there was unmotorable. Timber trucks have turned that side of the road into a typical Obuasi abenkwan rice that Okatakyie loved while schooling at Born Again Junior High School in Obuasi in 2005. No car could go past that side of the road. Determined to get to his destination, Okatakyie Aduhene had to turn around and use the Tweapease road again through Fenaso Nkwanta and Kwame Tanokrom before getting to Domeabra after adding an extra 2 hours to the journey. Pained by the fuel spent on this journey, Okatakyie Aduhene raised a social media campaign on the Amansie Central Youth Association platform to get rid of the Member of Parliament. Luckily enough, two of his brothers, Jacob and Joseph, are delegates, and therefore decided to convince them to vote against the NPP member of parliament for the district. On 27th January 2024, the MP for the district lost the election and Okatakyie Aduhene could not hide his joy in thanking God for hearing his prayers and the people of Amansie Central. Based on the short essay above, answer the following questions: a) What theory in Public Finance explains the passage above? Kindly explain that in two paragraphs highlighting the major assumptions underpinning their theory. b) What are the mechanisms deployed in this theory to ensure the interests of voters are served in public finance analysis? Explain each mechanism thoroughly with practical examples. c) Estimate the time spent by Okatakyie Aduhene on his travel journey that made him ragged a war to campaign against the MP in his entire journey.

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