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(Solved): Case Study B Mr Targari is a 35-year-old man who has always lived in some form of supported accommod ...

Case Study B Mr Targari is a 35-year-old man who has always lived in some form of supported accommodation. He suffers from physical disabilities, which have become worse in recent years and have meant that he has had to move into our care unit. However, Mr Targari is an intelligent man, and his physical disabilities have not affected his ability to communicate. Mr Targari requires assistance with eating and drinking. Staff members must ensure that he does not mix solids and liquids and take records after each meal. Mr Targari also requires assistance with toileting and the use of continence aids. He prefers being clean shaven and showering each morning. Mr Targari must take regular pain relief medication. The administration of this medication must be monitored and recorded. Staff members are also required to maintain Mr Targari’s personal space and help him to bed at set times each evening. Refer to Case Study B. Write a roleplay dialogues using below scenario; Read through the care profile of Mr Targari as outlined in Case Study B. Identify one requirement that falls outside the scope of your own role and/or current capabilities, and with a partner, role play seeking help as though they are the relevant person(s). You should outline the situation to them and explain the specific support which you require. should role-play seeking advice from the relevant person for the requirement they have identified, outlining the situation and explaining the support they require. Examples of requirements that may fall outside the scope of their role include: •Providing assistance with eating and drinking •Administering and recording the use of pain relief medication

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