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(Solved): conceptual 1.) The diagram below shows the framing plan of the 2nd floor framing above a small sai ...


student submitted image, transcription available below
1.) The diagram below shows the framing plan of the floor framing above a small sailmakers loft in a two-story building. The library measures in plan. There is a large opening in the center to allow daylight to penetrate down to the sail loft from a skylight above, and an opening in the top right comer for a stair. Area loads (in Ibs. per square foot) and self-weights of beams (in lbs. per linear foot) area given to the right. To move forward with design, we need to start by determining the loads on all the primary structural members shown in the sketch below. Draw FBDs (at relative scale) for G1, G2, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 and B6. For each, please determine the load pattems and reactions and show them on the FBDs you have drawn. Also indicate in a small table the loads you expect from the girders and on the top of the corner columns, , and . The direction of joists is shown by the double half arrows. Joists are close enough together that beam loads from the joists can be considered as distributed loads.

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