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(Solved): Consider the following code:defhello_ssti():player = {'title':"world", 'secret': 'jo5gmvlligcZ5YZGen ...

Consider the following code:defhello_ssti():player = {'title':"world", 'secret': 'jo5gmvlligcZ5YZGenWnGcol8JnwhWZd2lJZYo=='}if request.args.get('title'):player['title'] = request.args.get('title')template = '

Hi %s!

' % player['title']return render_template_string(template, player=player)Does the given code has any security issue?This type of question contains radio buttons and checkboxes for selection of options. Use Tab for navigation and Enter or space to select the option.optionAYes, the code is prone to XSS attack.optionBNo, the code is secure.optionCYes, the code is prone to SSTI attack.optionDYes, the code is prone to DDoS attack.

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