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(Solved): could you please help me make a cheat sheet for kinematics 20 please include all the kinematics f ...

could you please help me make a cheat sheet for kinematics 20 ?please include all the kinematics formulas and more include information on and how to identify when to use uniform motion and all formulas position time graphs, vector time graphs, velocity time graphs, accelerated motion, vector addition please include formula and how to solve , projectile motion, vertical and horizontal velocity. h=vi^2?sin^2 degree/2a. please include all the formulas for each topics.There is more information i never included but whatever you think would help on a final i would really appreciate it I know this is alot to ask for but I'm not sure on how to make a cheat sheet. it has to be 1 full page not both sides. please include as much information as you can in one page. Please explain how to solve and find and what formulas u need. Provide an examples and solution for each formula and each topic and please make it lengthy

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