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(Solved): DB Option 1) From your experience and people youve known, perhaps even yourself if youre a per ...

DB Option 1) From your experience and people you’ve known, perhaps even yourself if you’re a person of faith, how has religion or religious faith provided a moral compass for life? From your perspective and experience, what might be some common values shared by both religious and nonreligious people? Give an example of one value you see as important to most all people and societies. Or explain why you don’t think there are any values that are or should be global. Some context for the above: In 1948, the United Nations approved a list of human rights that all nations and peoples should respect and protect. This was later endorsed by the Parliament of the World’s Religions (1993). Their website (Parliament of ReligionsLinks to an external site.) says that rights are all about: “... the intrinsic dignity of the human person, the inalienable freedom and equality in principle of all humans, and the necessary solidarity and interdependence of all humans with each other.” “We do not wish to gloss over or ignore the serious differences among the individual religions. However, they should not hinder us from proclaiming publicly those things which we already hold in common...”

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