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(Solved): Discussion #1 Explain the significance of gatekeepers or watchdogs as discussed in Chapter 10. ...

Discussion #1 Explain the significance of gatekeepers or ‘watchdogs’ as discussed in Chapter 10. Cite several examples. A Gatekeeper is someone who plays as the mediator and in making sure the company that the gatekeeper has interest in is making the right choices. Like a secretary making sure to prioritize issues and making sure that management stay on task per importance of the task. Another example is at a dealership, car salesperson will meet and greet with you and act as the middleman when purchasing a car. Gatekeeps will take risk to gain the trust between the two parties. A bouncer to a night club can also be considered a gate keeper. This gatekeeper in this instance approves who gets into the business and who does not. Explain the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for boards and their importance. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSG) are a series of set principles made by the U.S. Sentencing Commission. These guidelines are to establish a national standard for sentencing organizations. These are guidelines to be used when a company or organization has been convicted of a crime. The FSG does offer guidance for ways to alleviate fines and sentencings and rewarding for good conduct. Like any set of rules or laws, the guidelines must continue to grow based on real-life experience, including in the way companies adjust their structure and operations (Ethics Resource Center, 2012). It said to have helped reflect a major change among businesses over the past two decades. Discuss the conflicts of interests related to corporate governance and provide a detailed example covered in current quality business press. Corporate governance is a group of rules, in which companies are directed and controlled. This corporate governance helps balance the interest of the stakeholders as well as manages every aspect of management, from action plans, internal affairs, to performance reviews and corporate publication. Just like with the Volkswagen case, the details of "Dieselgate" revealed that for years, the automaker had intentionally rigged engine emission equipment in its cars to falsely pass pollution test in the U.S. and Europe This is where corporate governance was overlooked. The newer version of a taxi, a company called Lyft, settled on a 10-million-dollar settlement because the board director set up a deal for a shareholder. This deal was to sell 7.7 million shares to a special purpose vehicle, The investment adviser, who arranged the deal, was affiliated with the board director. It was said that to avoid the knowing of the conflict-of-interest issue if the deal was made then the board director resign as director (Dale, 2023). Lyft then failed to report the information on its taxes. The company did settle without admitting or denying the SEC’s findings. Reply to the discussion post.

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