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(Solved): Imagine entering the cockpit of a modern jet plane where there was only a single control instrument. ...

Imagine entering the cockpit of a modern jet plane where there was only a single control instrument. How would you feel after the following conversation with the pilot? - I didn't imagine that you would fly the plane with a single instrument. What does it measure? - Air speed. I will strictly control the air speed on this flight. - Great. Air speed should be important. But what about the altitude? Wouldn't an altimeter help? - I learned to control altitude on the last flights and I'm already a master at it. Now I have to Pay attention to air speed. - But you don't even have a fuel controller. Wouldn't it be useful? - Clear; fuel is important, but I can't concentrate on so many things at once time, so on this flight my concern is with air speed. When you learn to mastering it as well as the altitude, I dedicate myself to fuel consumption on the next flights. We believe that, after this conversation, you would not continue your trip. Even if the pilot inspired exceptional performance in controlling air speed, you would feel the panic of risk of colliding with high mountains or running out of fuel. Obviously, this conversation is a fantasy, as no pilot would risk commanding a ship as complex as a jet plane through congested airspaces with the aid of a single instrument'. Leading modern companies in a highly complex competitive environment such as the current one can be as difficult as flying a jet plane. Just as pilots have to process information coming from different indicators, executives also need indicators on the various aspects of the environment and business performance. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) can offer these executives the tools they need to achieve success. Based on the metaphorical excerpt present in the work of Kaplan and Norton, discuss (in two pages, maximum) the role that the BSC can have in the strategic management of an organization, also making references to their possible application contexts.

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