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(Solved): Match the correct information X -chart R- Chart Process capability P chart C - chart ...

Match the correct information X -chart R- Chart Process capability P chart C - chart Central Limit Theorem Process capability Run Test Acceptance sampling Benchmarking Brainstorming Statistical process control chart Upper control limit Lower control limit Out-of-control process Customer satisfaction Customer choice analysis Customer panels Blog Tree diagram A. A quality control chart used to control the number of defects per unit of output B. a systematic method for generating a large number of creative problem-solving ideas in a relatively short amount of time based on input from many different individuals C. a chart that tracks the changes in percentages of a specified attribute over a period of time D. The ability to meet specifications E. a specific type of run chart calculated with well-defined statistical properties F. is a measure of the relationship between the natural variation of the process and the specifications G. an approach for quantifying the relative importance that customers assign to the vari-ous features and components of products and services H. a line drawn at a prespecified dis-tance (based on standard deviation units) above the mean value; the line repre-sents the division between in-control and out-of-control processes. I. a line similar to the upper control limit, but drawn at a prespeci-fied distance below the mean value J. A method of measuring random samples of lots or batches of products against predetermined standards K. a chart that shows how the range of variations within a process change over time L. a diagram used to describe how one idea branches into two or more subideas, each of which branches into further subideas, and so on M. a chart that shows how the process average changes over time N. A test used to examine the points in a control chart to see if nonrandom variation is present O. a structured process for comparing the business practices of an organ-ization to the best practices that can be identified in other organizations (partner firms, competitors, or suppli-ers) or other divisions within a company P. groups of individuals, selected accord-ing to predetermined criteria, who agree to provide periodic assessments of the quality of firms’ products and services Q. a process in which one or more points in an SPC chart fall outside the control limits; out-of-control patterns can also be identified when pro-cess data exhibit certain specific trends even when all points fall within the control limits R. a measurement of how well the products and services that a firm supplies meet or exceed its customers’ expectations S. a web site where an individual writes a commen-tary about a specific product, issue, or topic T. a theorem stating that the shape of the distribution of averages for samples follows a normal distribution even if the original distribution was very different

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