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(Solved): Match the following description with the appropriate study design type: 1. Through a survey, invest ...

Match the following description with the appropriate study design type: 1. Through a survey, investigators explored the association between the prevalence of marijuana use and snacking behavior among college freshman. (1 point) 2. Investigators randomly assigned adults over the age of 65 who were at risk of falls, but had not yet fallen, to participate in a Tai Chi class or a control condition. Investigators followed them for one year to assess the difference in fall rates. (1 point) 3. A group of pregnant women without a prior history of diagnosed depression were asked to complete a survey assessing their activity levels, dietary intake and emotional health. The participants were followed for 2 years. Investigators documented the association between pregnancy well-being and incidence of post-partum depression. (1 point) 4. Two hundred babies diagnosed with infant leukemia were identifies in the cancer surveillance data base. Two hundred babies born in the same hospitals but not diagnosed with infant leukemia were also recruited. Investigators conducted interviews of parental health, maternal exposures during pregnancy and genetic testing. (1 point) 5. A study was done to investigate last year to examine the association between having CT scans in childhood and later having brain cancer. Using the National Health Service system in England, researchers looked at individuals who were younger than 22 years old, were cancer-free, and had at least one CT scan between 1985 and 2002. This data was paired with information from the national cancer surveillance system to see if any children developed brain cancer between 1985 and 2008. 6. Women were recruited during pregnancy between 1999 and 2002 to see whether delivery method (caesarian section v. vaginal birth) was associated with whether their child was obese at age 3, as measured by body composition. There were 1255 children whose body compositions were measured when they became three years old. 7. A study was conducted to assess whether having a colonoscopy at age 60 was a prevention measure against colon cancer. A total of 1688 colon cancer patients and 1932 cancer-free individuals were matched on age and sex and medical records were examined to determine whether the participants had previously had colonoscopies. Having a colonoscopy in the past 10 years was associated with a 77% decrease in the odds of colon cancer. 8. A study of 2.5 million elementary, middle, and high school students in Texas was conducted that examined the association between physical fitness and academic achievement. The percent of students passing the Texas standardized test for their grade level, and the percent of obese students in the school, were compared across schools. The schools with the lowest proportion of obese students also had the highest percentage of students passing the standardized exam. 9. An online survey in Australia collected information on 628 women about their weight, height, ideal weight, and main reasons for wanting to change their weight and challenges to maintaining their weight, during August and September 2011. Women reported an ideal weight 12% less than their current weight, and said that a key motivator was to improve health and feel better about themselves. This study provided information useful in designing future studies to test weight loss interventions. 10. Researchers wanted to examine whether graphic health warning signs at the point-of-sale for tobacco products were a deterrent from individuals buying tobacco products. More than 1,200 people smokers were randomized to go into either a store with warning signs, or without warning signs, and the participants’ urge to smoke was rated on a scale of 0 – didn’t want to smoke at all to 5 – felt like they needed to smoke right away immediately following their time in the store.

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