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(Solved): Phillip Witt, president of Witt Input Devices, wishes to create a portfolio of local supplie ...

Phillip? Witt, president of Witt Input? Devices, wishes to create a portfolio of local suppliers for his new line of keyboards. As the suppliers all reside in a location prone to? hurricanes, tornadoes,? flooding, and? earthquakes, Phillip believes that the probability in any year of a? "super-event" that might shut down all suppliers at the same time at least 2 weeks is 4?%. Such a total shutdown would cost the company approximately ?$450 comma 000. He estimates the? "unique-event" risk for any of the suppliers to be 5?%. Assuming that the marginal cost of managing an additional supplier is ?$14 comma 800 per? year, how many suppliers should Witt Input Devices? use? Assume that up to three nearly identical local suppliers are available. Part 2 Find the EMV for alternatives using? 1, 2, or 3 suppliers. ?EMV(1) = EMV(2) = EMV (3) = And which one would be the best to go with? enter your response here ?(Enter your response rounded to the nearest whole? number.)

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