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(Solved): Please answer all parts (13\%) Problem 4: An archery bow is drawn a distance d=0.28m and loaded wi ...

Please answer all parts

student submitted image, transcription available below
(13\%) Problem 4: An archery bow is drawn a distance and loaded with an arrow of mass . The bow acts as a spring with a spring constant of , and the arrow flies with negligible air resistance. To simplify your work, let the gravitational potential energy be zero at the initial height of the arrow. 4 335 Part (a) How fast, in meters per second, will the arrow be traveling as it leaves the bow? Grade Summary Deductions Potential Late Work \& Laie Potestial Subeiscions Alempos remaining ? (LS per atterepo) detalled view 1 2 3 A335. Part (b) If the arrow is shot at an angle of above the horizontal, how high, in meters above the initial height, will the arrow be when it reaches its peak? Peak? A Part (e) How far, in meters, will the arrow travel horizontally before roturning to the height from which it was launched?

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