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(Solved): Q1) The Low-Cost Carriers (LCC) revolutionized the Aerospace Industry transportation system and imp ...

Q1) The Low-Cost Carriers (LCC) revolutionized the Aerospace Industry transportation system and impacted the overall yields. Keeping the above in view, critically discuss the main strategy elements that assisted the LCCs carriers maintain the competitive edge over the full-Service carriers? (12 Marks) Q2) Airport terminals are configured to cater for passengers’ capacity and to facilitate the easy of transfer between different parts of the airport departure and arrival gates, Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different terminal design options for delivering passengers to the aircraft? (15 marks) Q3) A new starting airline wanted to conduct a marketing campaign to promote their products and the Unique Selling Points (USPs). Briefly describe the marketing tips and principles that you would provide to assist them in running different promotional campaigns. (15 marks) Q4) In the course of setting up the structure and selection of Airlines fleet plan, we need to process in view of strategic corporate objectives. Bearing this in mind, briefly discuss these objectives and how can these correlate to fleet selection? (16 Marks) Q5) Break-even point and Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis are vital concepts in financial analysis. Explain each in detail and illustrate the formula for both. (10 marks) Q6) Suppose a particular charter Airline has annual fixed costs of $3.2 million for its One B777-300ER (capacity of 400 seat)-that operates daily flights between Dubai (DXB) and Muscat (MCT). The average ticket fare per seat is $50, and average seat variable operating costs of $10 for each seat sold. The charter Airline operates daily all year long (365 days per year)? (16 marks) 1. Calculate the net income the charter airline will generate if: a) All the seats are filled throughout the year; (5 marks) b) Half the seats are filled throughout the year. (5 Marks) 2. Compute the break-even point in number of seats sold. What percentage load factor for the year is needed to break even? (6 marks) Q7) in global organizations, Marketing is considered quite essential success element, can you outline the levels of Marketing strategies, key marketing elements discuss briefly how do we measure marketing effectiveness? (16 Marks)

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