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(Solved): Respond to the following as if it was a conversation and to keep the topic flowing: ...

Respond to the following as if it was a conversation and to keep the topic flowing: Compare and contrast the US and a country of your choice on two of Hofstede's Cultural Values. The culture values of Hofstede’s I selected are individualism and uncertainty avoidance. Hofstede defines individualism as a culture where people prefer to act individually rather than in a group. Hofstede identifies uncertainty avoidance as people in a country would rather have structure than uncertainty. Based on Hofstede culture scoring high on uncertainty avoidance tend to have high stress levels. (Robbins, Judge, 2018). The country I chose to compare and contrast with the United States are South Africa. The United States are known for it’s individualism and are said to be one of the most individualistic countries in the world based on Personal Space and American Individualism (Rosenbaum, 2018). This is where the differences between South African culture and the United States strongly differ because South Africa culture are huge on collectivism and doing everything in groups. Though cultures in South Africa are distinguished by their language regardless of their tribe they work together. Discuss how this would impact employees personally Because there are strong differences with the United States and South Africa employees could be impacted personally by requiring employees from the two different cultures to work opposite or against their cultural norm. However, I believe there could be an even medium. One of the components pointed out with uncertainty avoidance is ambiguity which is void of structure. Within the United States creating a space where there is structure but also room for individualism could aid in combining the two cultures with minimal discord. Discuss how this would impact how to manage a manufacturing facility in the other country and one in the US. Equip with culture intelligence the manufacturing facility in South Africa would be best managed aligned with their cultural norms. I believe comfortability has the potential to yield quality production. By providing a structured team player environment in South Africa the manufacturing facility could be off to a successful low stress start. On the other hand, with the manufacturing facility in the United States I would set standards and a goal and allow the employees to work at meeting this goal individually. With the United States being known for their individualistic culture setting individual goals and parameters would be the best move forward with potential successful management.

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