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(Solved): SAINSBURY is one of the leading food retailers in UK. It is a public limited company and is register ...

SAINSBURY is one of the leading food retailers in UK. It is a public limited company and is registered with LSE and FTSE 100. The company is the oldest food chain retailers in UK being established in 1869 by J.J Sainsbury. At present the company owns around 800 stores including supermarkets and convenience stores. Strategic highlights - Grocery sales on an improving trend, outperforming our main supermarket peers - Launched 200 entry price point products - Grocery Online sales grew 7.6 per cent and Convenience grew 1.3 per cent - Tu clothing grew 1.2 per cent; Tu online grew 47 per cent - We are making progress against our five year Financial Services strategy - Nectar mobile app used by over 4.5 million customers - Invested in 451 supermarkets and 362 convenience stores - £6 billion of digital sales across the group - Smart Shop technology now available in all of our supermarkets - Committed to invest £1 billion over 20 years to become Net Zero by 2040 You are required to conduct secondary research and answer 2 questions: 1. Assess and report the internal and external business environments that contribute to achieving strategic objectives/goals of Sainsbury’s UK retail operations. 2. Devise and establish with rationale, at least one corporate level strategy that could help Sainsbury’s achieve a competitive advantage over its rivals in the UK.

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