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(Solved): Sara Smith, the Accounting Manager at Owl Commerce, has decided to document certain activities so th ...

Sara Smith, the Accounting Manager at Owl Commerce, has decided to document certain activities so that she can train a new employee. She may also make improvements on any weaknesses that she discovers in the system. Sara drafted the following narrative, explaining the process: Billing & Statement Process Customers create orders on the website by submitting payment through the website checkout process. The e-commerce platform immediately sends the order information and shipping details to the shipping team. The shipping team prepares all the shipments, which are picked up by 3:00PM by the carrier service. After the orders have shipped, the shipping team logs into the logistics portal on the e-commerce platform, inputs the tracking details, and marks the order as shipped, which prepares a shipping report. At the end of every day the billing clerk downloads all the completed shipping reports and prepares invoices. The accounting manager compares the invoices to the shipping reports to review for completeness and accuracy. If there are mistakes, the invoice is returned to the billing clerk and corrected. After the accounting manager has approved each invoice, she emails the customer using the email address in the CRM. At the end of every month, the billing clerk prints statements for all customers with open balances. The accounting manager reviews statements for key clients. After review, the accounting manager provides the statements to the administrative assistant for mailing. a. Identify the agents b. Prepare a Business Process Diagram

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