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(Solved): * Student A: VO max:50ml/kg/min, Lactate threshold: 60% of VO2max * Student B: VO max:50ml/kg/min, ...

student submitted image, transcription available below
* Student A: VO , Lactate threshold: of VO2max * Student B: VO , Lactate threshold: of * Assume all other conditions that may affect energy metabolism (e.g., body size, weight, fat free mass, body temperature, sex, age, running economy, skill levels, exercise history, muscle fiber composition, etc.) are exactly the same. 17. What are the values (in ) of each student? Student A: Student B: 18. At the level (exercise intensity) of , what energy system does each person predominantly use for ATP production? Why? Student A: Student B: 19. Who can exercise longer at that intensity of ? Why?

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