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(Solved): The competencies below are personal areas for improvement: 1.Communication and Relationship Manageme ...

The competencies below are personal areas for improvement:

1.Communication and Relationship Management

Labor relations strategies

Mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution techniques

Facilitate group dynamics, process, meetings and discussions


Advocate and participate in healthcare policy initiative

Anticipate and plan strategies for overcoming obstacles

Knowledge of own and others' cultural norms


Balance professional and personal pursuits

Time and stress management techniques

Practice due diligence to carry out fiduciary responsibilities


Healthcare economics

Legislative issues and advocacy

Requirements for nonprofit healthcare organizations


Ability to analyze and evaluate information to support a
decision or recommendation

Champion systems thinking

  • Briefly describe your goals. For example, to prepare for advancement, become a better leader/manager
  • Describe why you believe you need improvement in that area. First, identify your skill level (Novice, Competent, or Expert) then report on each of the skills in which you are deficient and relate the deficiencies to particular problems you have had in the workplace, in your courses, or in personal life that you would like to improve upon. For example, one of your 3 competencies might beCommunication Skills under the Communication and Relationship management domain. Under that competency, select the specific skills you need to improve.
  • Using concepts explored in the course as well as researching related articles from other sources as provided in the Assessment Tool reference list, develop a detailed plan of action in which you describe the steps you will take to improve your selected competencies.
  • Describe how you will continue to monitor progress and measure improvement in each.

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