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(Solved): The South Kensington branch of Lloyd s bank is having trouble getting the correct staffing level ...

The South Kensington branch of Lloyd ’ s bank is having trouble getting the correct staffing levels to match customer arrival patterns. On some days, the number of tellers was too high relative to customer traffic, so that tellers were often idle. On other days, the opposite occurred. Long customer waiting lines formed because the relatively fewer tellers could not keep up with the number of customers. The manager, Michael Kaluuya, knew that there was a problem, but he had little of the quantitative training he believed would be necessary to find a better staffing solution. Michael figured that first, he needed a reliable forecast of each day ’ s number of customer arrivals. Data for this problem is in the file “ Problem 2 _ Data ” . ?The data lists the number of customers entering this bank each day of the past year. It also lists other information: the day of the week, whether the day was a staff holiday. a . ?Use this data set to develop forecasting models that Michael could use to help solve this problem. [ Hint ] ?You will need to create Dummy Variables [ 1 0 ] b . ?Develop an improved model using only significant variables. Comment on your results and potential issues. [ 6 ] c . ?In the report, summarise answers to the above questions and make any recommendations about staffing that appear reasonable. Please help me with the exact steps on how to make multiple regression model and step wise regression by using statetools in excel for below problem. please show steps in details through which i can solve the issue.

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