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(Solved): This activity analyzes concepts in heuristics and attitude formation and reviews the ways in which o ...

This activity analyzes concepts in heuristics and attitude formation and reviews the ways in which our beliefs are influenced by the world around us. Instructions (In-Class) and Instructions (Online) Using the unit readings as well as online resources, students will discuss contemporary examples of social debate, such as vaccination, mask-wearing during a pandemic, or another example provided by the instructor: This case study is designed to provide students with a working understanding of how heuristic judgements lead to behaviors. Students will learn about the difference between heuristics and biases and learn three types of heuristic decisions; availability heuristic, representative heuristic, and anchoring and adjustment. This unit introduces students to theories in bias and stereotyping and how our shortcuts in decision making and snap judgements can be both a help and a hindrance. Choose one of the following cases only to address in your response. You will be graded on your ability to critically address the topic or question and the extent to which you are able to advance the conversation by bringing in new ideas or perspectives. You will be split up into small groups and in your participation, you are encouraged to refer to course materials, personal, professional experiences, group discussion, and external research as appropriate to address the learning activity question. Submission Instructions Please submit your answers to the questions directly in the Discussion Forum in the class discussion for grading and feedback in Moodle. Evaluation See (Appendix 1) for in-class assessment scale. See (Appendix 2) for online assessment rubric.

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