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(Solved): To export green hydrogen to Germany feasibly, the total cost of the green hydrogen production, stor ...

To export green hydrogen to Germany feasibly, the total cost of the green hydrogen production, storage, and transportation from Jordan to Germany must be less than the production price in Germany. - If the production price of green hydrogen in Germany is 5 JODs/kg. - Shipping will be initially done by sea due to the available infrastructure, and the shipping is done using 40 HQ containers [Internal dimensions: 12.19m long x 2.44m wide x 2.99m high], totally filled with hydrogen cylinders. The shipping cost of a 40 HQ container from Aqaba to Hamburg is 4000 JOD including all fees. - Estimate the following: i. The amount of green hydrogen in Kgs shipped in a 40 HQ container if the storage cylinders were filled with liquified green hydrogen. ii. Given the previous information, what is the maximum allowable cost of green hydrogen production, and storage in Jordan per Kg, to be able to export it to Germany? iii. If we use liquid Ammonia as a high-energy-density derivative instead of green hydrogen to be transported, what is the energy in KWh that would be transported in a 40 HQ container? iv. To do this, we need to transform green hydrogen to Ammonia, then crack it back again to produce hydrogen. Comparing this amount of energy with the amount of energy delivered if liquified green hydrogen is used, the extra KWh must cover the liquid Ammonia production and cracking cost. If the production cost of Ammonia is at best 200 JODs/ton. And the cracking cost is around 150 JODs/ton. Is it better to use liquid Ammonia or liquified hydrogen?

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