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(Solved): Who can facilitate a Daily Standup meeting?Group of answer choicesThe Team FacilitatorThe Project Ma ...

  1. Who can facilitate a Daily Standup meeting?

Group of answer choices

The Team Facilitator

The Project Manager

Any Team Member

The Product Owner

2. Which of the following statements about the answers generated from the questions asked during Daily Standup meetings is FALSE?

Group of answer choices

Holds each team member accountable for work commitments

Provides Team Facilitator with a status of each work unit included in the iteration

Allows the team to self-organize

Enables team members to help each other remove impediments

3. You have been invited to a Scrum project meeting as a Development Team member. In the meeting, you will be asked to what work you plan to complete today. What Scrum project meeting have you been invited to?

Group of answer choices

Sprint Planning

Sprint Retrospective

Sprint Review

Daily Scrum

4. Which statement regarding User Story demonstrations does NOT apply to flow-based agile projects?

Group of answer choices

Conduct demonstrations when it is time to do so.

Conduct demonstrations at the end of each iteration.

Conduct demonstrations when enough features have accumulated into a coherent set.

As a general guideline, conduct demonstrations at least once every two weeks.

5. If measuring results using a Burndown chart, where would the best place for an Agile project to be when comparing actual remaining work to ideal remaining work on Day 7 of the iteration?

Group of answer choices

Agile Team would not measure results on Day 7

Below the Ideal Line

Above the Ideal Line

On the Ideal Line

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