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(Solved): Your Final question is, Please select any MMORPG game. Then try to deconstruct the game you chos ...

Your Final question is, “Please select any MMORPG game. Then try to deconstruct the game you chose.” While performing this action, go step by step on the game you have chosen and try to look for different “meanings". By focusing on the subject, especially on metaphysics and ontology, you can establish many different connections through the philosophy of being.” Your final question should write in an academic format and academic language! Your homework should be 12.500 character with space (NOT WORD!) Please DO NOT put any photo or picture in your paper! This is a final question which needs an academic research. Please take some “quotes” by some specific books or articles and put them into your reference page which will find at the end of your paper. General warning! Wikipedia is not count as an academic source! You can check for general knowledge but then you should go to source and bring the knowledge from the related paper or book. And PLEASE, do not copy / paste or AI any information on web or some other source. As long as you are not giving reference, this attempt will count as cheating!

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